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Strong creeping red fescue

Festuca rubra L. subsp. rubra


  • Very durable.
  • Great shade tolerance.
  • Faster establishment than other types of red fescue.
  • Type of red fescue that behaves best in winter.
  • Produces fine-leaved turf.
  • Withstands frequent and close mowing.
  • Withstands low maintenance.
  • Enhances poor soils quite well.
  • Very durable.
  • Grows fairly slowly.
  • Good shade tolerance.


  • Quite slow establishment.
  • Some varieties are susceptible to red thread.
  • Produces a thicker, more hollow turf than other red fescues.
  • The most sensitive type to trampling.
  • Fewer overall qualities than other red fescues.
  • Grows fairly rapidly.
  • Low tolerance to trampling and tearing.
  • Thatchy.