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How do I use the website?

It is impossible to say that one variety is better than another in absolute terms. You can only compare varieties when you have a clear objective, intended usage, or target trait. Before using the site, the first step is to ask yourself the right questions about what you expect from the variety you are looking for.

Once you have defined your needs, it is easy to identify the criteria to use in your comparisons.

Thanks to the site's different sorting and filtering tools, you can select the varieties that best meet your expectations.

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Turfgrass List can be used with two main objectives in mind:

You need to choose among several mixtures or varieties that are available to you.

You want to put out a call for bids.

Among all the criteria, there are two that can help you make your choice. The sport and lawns index provide a single score that conveys how a variety should perform in each context, respectively. This score is based on the sum of the variety's characteristics.